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The FITE wishes to bring together local, national and European decision makers, associations of outdoor sports, tourism and rurality, stakeholders of equestrian tourism and equestrians.

The objective is to exchange on the different practices, to share ideas, to promote outdoor sports and in particular equestrian tourism as well as its economic, societal and environmental benefits, with a particular implication of territories and rurality. All organizations are invited to participate!

How did the idea come about?

The first international meeting of equestrian tourism is born in 2021 from an initiative of the FITE Board of Directors having the will to exchange on the actions around equestrian tourism and to share this practice to the greatest number.

The President of the FITE, Frédéric BOUIX, approved this project and wished to organize an international event for 2022. The preperation of this meeting has been entrusted to the Equestrian Tourism Committee and the FITE Board of Directors.

An event to exchange

Outoor sports, of which equestrian tourism is a part, contribute to the vitality of the territories, notably through the discovery of their cultural, historical and natural heritage.

Through this event, the FITE wishes to bring together decision-makers and stakeholders of equestrian tourism, in order to coorporate and create promising projects for the territories, from the local to the international level.

Registration fee

Single price: 150€

This fee includes the conferences, lunch and activities during the day.
50% discount on the registration of the 3rd person from the same organization will be apllied.
Participants at the Euro’Meet will have free access to the FITE Meeting.

A message from the FITE President

“In order to develop, equestrian tourism must reach beyond its equestrian family and touch all stakeholders, private and institutioner, from the local to the transnational level. I hope that this year there will be rich discussions with the artisans of tourism, rurality, outdoor sports and all other subjects that revolve around the activities of the FITE. This is the objective of this International Meeting og Equestrian Tourism.” – Frédéric BOUIX – FITE President